Coinbase is simple but if you were to just look past that facade and beneath it you will see that the service is indeed flawed.


From overly high fees which are charged upon you from every action you take, a frustrating and unresponsive verification process, a slow and unresponsive customer service, and worst of all there have been hundred of cases where users have had their money locked away with their account without no explanation given.


These are some of the main, frequent reasons why users tend to leave Coinbase in search for an alternative option.


best Coinbase alternatives



Now from my own experience I very much have enjoyed my experience with Coinbase because that is how I got started and I always recommend it to anyone who’s just getting started with cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a simple, good option for you, without a doubt, but it is not the perfect option.


If you’re unhappy with the flaws of Coinbase or if you just want to move on from Coinbase without no reason then you’re free to do that and I have created this guide just for you to help you with that. 


This guide contains the best Coinbase alternatives in an easy and simple format.





The 5 Best Coinbase Alternatives.


1.  Gemini

This is the one that I am personally using myself currently and I very much like it. 🙂



United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore.


best Coinbase alternatives





It took me 7 days and for some it has taken between that and 14 days. 

They’ll ask you for some form of Proof of Identity such as your driver’s license, ID, or passport.

If you’re a non-US applicant then you need to provide a Proof Address. You can’t provide your bank statement, but what you can provide them is your utility bill (electric, gas or water).

If it takes you longer to get verified than the expected time frame above then try contacting them.




The fees amount to just 0.25%

Which is pretty amazing.




There’s limits only for bank transfers where daily deposit limit is set at $500, monthly deposit limit is set at $15,000 and daily withdrawal limit is set at $100,000.

There are no limits imposed for Wire Transfers, or even Deposit/Withdrawals for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).



Customer Service

Very fast, I have had received responses anywhere between 4 to 10 minutes. Sometimes it may take longer but they do explain why which at most times is due to the congestion of users.



Payment Methods

You can buy Ether only by depositing your Gemini account via a bank transfer. Now you don’t have to wait 3-4 business days for your deposit to be cleared to only then buy your Ether, you can instantly buy it!

Though when you need to withdraw the Ether that you just bought, you’ll need to have your bank transfer (the deposit that you made earlier) to be cleared which that will take around 3-4 business days.




You can only choose between Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) to buy. 

But there is a fast, simple and (probably the cheapest) way you can buy other alt-coins like IOTA, Ripple, Monero, or any other alt-coin and that’s by first buying your Bitcoin or Ether in Gemini and then transferring it to …


2.  Binance

Binance is the best and probably the biggest place where you can buy almost any alt-coin you can think of.




United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Germany, Spain, India, Singapore, South Africa and 100+ more.




It take around between 24 to 48 hours, sometimes even less to get verified.

They’ll ask you for some form of Proof of Identity such as your driver’s license, ID, or passport.

Also you’ll need to take a selfie of you holding your passport and showing the info page and holding a little note with the date and word “Binance” written on it. 

There are times when it can take up to a week, but if that takes any longer than that then then do contact them to find out more. 




The fee is just 0.1%

You can even bring it down to 0.05% just by using their own in-platform token called Binance Coin (BNB) which you can easily convert just by using your Bitcoin or Ether you have. 

Again pretty amazing!




If you’re on Level 1 which is basically if you don’t choose to submit any verification details, then you can withdraw up to 2 BTC worth of cryptocurrency a day.

If you’re on Level 2, which is after you’ve been gone through verification, then your withdrawal limit increases to 100 BTC.

There are no limits on the amount of cryptocurrency you can deposit because remember Binance is an exchange. Being an exchange you can only desposit cryptocurrency because that’s the payment method of buying (or otherwise known as exchanging) your Bitcoin, or Ether on Binance for alt-coins.



Customer Service

From my own experience, the support has been pretty good (well at least better than most of the competition). It took anywhere 24 hours to 48 hours (or even less than 24 hours) for the ticket to get a response.

Also another good thing about their support was that your support ticket will be answered by not some random support agent but someone who really does know the system in and out you use. 

You can tell that easily because the response you get is detailed and the problem is always addressed.

That’s important.



Payment Methods

Remember when I told you earlier that the quickest, most simplest, and cheapest way you can buy is by buying your Bitcoin or Ether in Gemini and then having it transferred to Binance?

Yeah, and that’s because Binance is an exchange. 

The only payment method for Binance is the Bitcoin, or Ether you transfer from your anywhere else you have your Bitcoin or Ether stored.

Once you transfer it you can then use it to buy (or better known as exchange) any alt coin you want on Binance.




Just only that it’s not exactly like Coinbase. (I know it goes against the whole “Alternatives”).

This is because Binance doesn’t allow you to buy Bitcoins or Ether using your money. You need to use one of the other ways on this page to buy it then have it transferred here. 

But if you can overlook that, then Binance is probably one of the best (if not, the best) place where you have freedom to buy whatever cryptocurrency you want without such harsh limits and high annoying fees.


3.  Luno

Luno is probably the most similar to Coinbase out of all the ones on this list. 

Especially with the way the interface looks and how simple it is to use it plus with the advantages of no high, annoying  fees and harsh limits.




Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria and South Africa.




There are four levels of verification.

Level 0 – the moment you verify your email address or you’ve signed up with your social media profile then this is where you’ll be.

Level 1 – you need to confirm your mobile number and a few basic personal details.

Level 2 – You need to submit a Proof of Identity. This can be a photo/scan of your ID, your passport or your driving license.

Level 3 – You need to submit a Proof of Residential Address. This can be your bank statement or your utility bill. If you don’t have any both of those then you have other ways to prove your residential address.

The verification process took me 2 business days to be done with and for some it has been less than 24 hours. 

If it takes longer than 7 days then it’s best to contact them and understand what’s going on.




The fees are either free or either super cheap.

Withdrawal fees are EUR 0.30 and Deposit fees are Free.




Since each Level depends on the verification you have done, the limits are as follows:

I’m adding the limits for Europe here, you can find out for the other countries by jumping into this page.

Level 1 (once you’ve verified your email/social media profile):

Deposits over all time: EUR 1,000

Withdrawals over all time: EUR 1,000


Level 2 (once you’ve proved your identity):

Deposits per month:

EUR 5,000

Withdrawals per month: 

EUR 5,000


Level 3 (once you’ve proved your residential address):

Deposits per month: 

EUR 100,000

Withdrawals per month: 

EUR 100,000



Customer Service 

They have been quick and friendly to address my requests and I have never had a problem with them. 

The response time has been anywhere between 15 mins to 45 mins for me.



Payment Options

You can buy Ether only by depositing your Luno account via a bank transfer.

The bank transfer has been quick and so far it has taken me around 30 minutes to get my Luno account deposited.




Just the lack of payment options which are only limited to bank transfers and not credit cards/debit cards can it make less of a proposition if you’re planning to rely on the latter.

Also it is not available in the US as of yet.

4.  GDAX 

Coinbase’s hotter big sister. 

GDAX is part of Coinbase and has a much better fee structure and order operations than its sibling.




US, Europe, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore. 

You can check all the available areas here




There are two steps for verification:

First, if you’re in the US then you need to provide either your drivers licence or a state ID.

If you’re in the UK, or anywhere else (other European countries, Australia, Canada, Singapore) then you can choose to provide your passport, or your driver’s licence or your ID card.

Secondly, if you’re in the US you need to also provide your residential address and your SSN (Social Security Number).

If you’re in the U.K then you’ll be asked a few questions to verify your identity. If you’re anywhere else, then you need to provide another document to verify again and this can be your passport, driver’s licence or National ID card. 

It will take you anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete verification. If it takes longer then try contacting them to see what’s holding up (which most times is due to the congestion of user requests).




When you buy Bitcoin there will be a 0.25% fee and a 0.30% fee for when you buy Ether or Litecoin. 

Deposits and Withdrawals are Free.




You can deposit unlimited amounts of your Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin.

Both the trading and balance are also unlimited.

For withdrawals, the limits are $10,000 a day for individual accounts (like yours) and $50,000 a day for institutional accounts.



Customer Service

The customer service has been good. 

You can expect your responses within anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours. If it takes longer then you can contact them to find out what’s going on.



Payment Methods

Bank Account deposits which takes around 3-5 business days (varies with weekends and holidays).

You can also opt for a wire transfer (the fastest way with GDAX) which can be completed on the same day itself.




GDAX takes a bit of a learning curve and is not super simple and straightforward as Coinbase is.

But if you can learn it then you will come to love GDAX even more than its sibling because of all the free transfers you get and the great fee structure and various other great benefits.

The one other downside is their lack of payment methods such as credit/debit cards which can be a turn off for some.


27/1/2018 – It’s currently not taking any new customers, but it will be soon.


I am always reluctant to add into a list (you’ll know why as you read on) but the reason why I did is because is beginner-friendly (similar to Coinbase), quickly and most importantly for some that it’s widely available in almost every country in the world.



Countries is available in every country in the world.

However there are a few restrictions (payment methods wise) on some countries.




In order for you to withdraw funds or increase your payment limits you need to verify your identity.

You need to provide a photo/scan of Proof of Identity (this can be your passport, ID, or driving license).

You also need to provide a photo of you holding your identity card (or whatever you have as Proof of Identity).

Finally to complete the verification, you’ll need to provide a Proof of Residency (this can be your utility bill, bank statement, electricity bill or any other documents which proves your address)

It will take you anywhere from 5 to 7 days for the verification to be completed.  If it takes longer then try contacting them to see what’s holding up (which most times is due to the congestion of user requests).



Fees has both an exchange (like Gemini) and an easy buy/sell process like Coinbase.

The fees to use their exchange is 0.2% which is all not that bad but it does get worse from there.

The fees to use their easy buy/sell method amount to 7% which is charged from the amount of fiat currency (like US Dollar, Euros, British Pound etc.) you pay. For example when you buy $1000 of Bitcoins then you’ll only get $930 worth.

Fees when you deposit using your credit card amount to 3.9% (and Free on bank transfers).

Fees when you withdraw using your credit card amount to $3.8 + 1.2% (and $50 for bank transfers)

This the reason why I hesitated to add in this list because they have a lot of hidden fees, and it’s the biggest reason most people avoid it.

I recommend you go for any of the other services like Gemini, Binance, Luno or GDAX if those are available in your country.



Limits has four different account levels which is based on how much verification you’ve provided:

Basic – If you’re on the Basic account then you can buy up to $400 worth of Bitcoins per day and up to $2,000 per month using your credit/debit card.

Verified – If you’ve verified then you’re on the Verified account which means you can purchase up to $10,000 worth of bitcoins per day and up to $100,000 per month via both credit/debit card or bank transfer.

You can find more about that in detail by heading over to their fee structure page.



Customer Service 

The customer support has so far been great, and I have not had any problems with them as of yet.

But there are others who have been displeased with the response time of their customer service.

For me, they’ve been fast and they responded within 20 seconds when I had dropped them a message the other day



Payment Methods

You can use your credit card/debit card to buy or sell instantly.

You also have the option of a bank transfer but it may take anywhere 1-3 business days.




The fees. Honestly. If the other cryptocurrency services are available in your country then go for that.

If not, only then should you go for

The only reason why I added is because if none of the above is not available in your country then at least you still have that one last solid option.

Share this guide with anyone who’s looking for some top alternative options to Coinbase and help them make the best decision when they invest in cryptocurrency. 🙂