Are you wondering how to buy EOS? I’m glad you’re here! In this post, I’ll show you exactly how to buy EOS instantly without getting hit by outrageous fees and dumb limits. You don’t have to be a Jedi master or a computer science geek to do this. No technical experience required. Plus, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions along the way.


This how-to guide contains what I learned when it comes to buying EOS and is for those who want step-by-step instructions in an easy and simple format. 🙂


how to buy eos

FAQ: What is EOS?

EOS is, simply put, a powerful infrastructure for decentralized apps. It’s very similar to what Ethereum intends to do which is also created to support decentralized apps (more commonly called DApps).

FAQ: Sooo, what’s so special about EOS then?

Let’s say I want to build the next Facebook on a blockchain:

Build Facebook on Ethereum. If I want to like a post, I have to pay a fee to do so, and it will take several minutes for that like to appear on the other end. Also, if I want to use this, it requires me to have an Ethereum wallet with money in it.

Build Facebook on Bitcoin. You can’t, it’s exclusively a trade of value, and has no means of running a social network.

Build Facebook on EOS. Anyone can participate in an instant, feeless social network. It’s not even required for me to know what EOS is, I just interact with the platform like I would any other free website. The people hosting the website are paid in inflation year on year, so they don’t need to run ads.

Repeat ad infinitum to every other web service on the internet.


Thanks goes to for the great analogy by Zombait on Reddit.

Let’s get started. 

You will first need to have a little of either Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy EOS since you can’t buy it using your fiat currency (your USD, EUR, GBP, etc). So follow the link below to buy Ethereum on Coinbase and then I’ll show you how you can use the Ethereum that you bought to buy EOS on Binance (it’s like Coinbase but it sells more of those less popular coins like EOS, Ripple that most people might never have heard of). 

If you already have Ethereum with you then you can skip this step and jump on to the steps below. 

Buy Ethereum on Coinbase right now.

FAQ: Wait, why couldn’t I just buy Bitcoin instead of Ethereum?

EOS can be bought with Bitcoin too – it’s just that it takes more time to transfer to another exchange (like Binance). I suggest that you go with Ethereum as it only takes a few minutes. 🙂

FAQ: Coinbase isn’t available in my country. Where else can I buy Ethereum?

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How to Buy EOS: 3 Steps


Step 1:  Register yourself with Binance.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange the Bitcoins or Ethers (Ethereum) that you buy over at Coinbase for other coins (also known as alt-coins) like EOS.

This is something that you can’t certainly do over at Coinbase since you’re only allowed to buy either Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin and using your usual currency like USD, EUR, GBP etc..

The reason why I have found Binance to be one of the very best is because they charge some of the least transaction fees in the market which means when you exchange you get more of what you buy for. Binance also is widely available more than most other cryptocurrency exchanges and they’ve not had any issues as of yet. Even if there were to ever be one they still have an excellent support response.

Let’s dive right in.

Register yourself with Binance right now.




Step 2:  Deposit your Ethereum into Binance.

Once you’ve registered yourself on Binance and logged in, go ahead select Funds (it’s on the top right hand side menu). Found it? Awesome! Now underneath it click on Deposits.


how to buy eos



Now on your left hand side, you’ll see an option to Select Deposit Coin which means you can choose which coin you want to deposit from your Coinbase. So click on the Select Deposit Coin and you’ll see a drop down list of many different coins that you can choose. What we want is Ethereum. So type in “ETH” into where it says Please input keyword of the coin and you should see ETH – Ethereum pop up in the drop down list. All you have to do is just click on it.


how to buy eos



Now do you see where it says ETH Deposit Address? Great! Below it is your address that you’ll need to send Ethereum from your Coinbase. 


how to buy eos

FAQ: Can I send my Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency into this address?

No you can not. It’s very important that you send only Ethereum (ETH) to this deposit address. If you try to send any other cryptocurrency to this address then you may lose it forever!

Here’s what you do next, tap on the Copy Address button underneath where it shows your ETH Deposit Address and then paste it into your Coinbase.

FAQ: Where do I enter the address in my Coinbase?

Here’s how: 

Step 1:  Jump into your Coinbase and then at the top of your screen select Accounts.

Step 2:  Next, choose your Ethereum (ETH) wallet where it has all your Ethereum that you just bought in it. Click on Send.

Step 3:  Finally, all you have to do is just paste the address that you just copied earlier under Recipient. Choose the amount of Ethereum you want to send and then hit Continue.

Done! If you still need a guide with pictures and step-by-step instructions, make sure to read Saint’s guide:

Give it a good 10-15 minutes for your Ether (Ethereum) to be transferred from your Coinbase to your Binance. You can check the progress by looking at History (right hand side) on the very same page that you copied your ETH deposit address on Binance. 




Step 3:  Time to Buy EOS.

Once you’ve received your Ethereum in your Binance, go ahead select Exchange (it’s on the top left hand side menu). Then underneath it click on Basic.


how to buy eos



Now everything on this new page might look like if Wall Street was going through an apocalypse but it’s not. In the midst of everything that is happening, it’s pretty dead simple to understand. Just ignore all the charts and numbers and do this:

All you have to do to buy EOS is search for “EOS” using the little search bar you have on your top right hand corner. Then tap on the ETH box above it because we want to exchange Ethereum (ETH) for EOS. You can now see the current price of EOS/ETH (what it means is 1 ETH is worth that much of EOS). Just click on EOS/ETH now.


how to buy eos



You’re doing great! Once you have chosen that you want to buy EOS, it’s time that we actually buy EOS. Now to buy EOS, all you need to do is just click on the green numbers that is shown on your bottom left hand corner. This will add it to the price that you want to buy EOS for in ETH (in the below screenshot it’s showing 0.009728 which means 1 Eth equals to 0.009728 EOS). Click on the green number and this number changes to 0.09683. 


how to buy eos
Like this.



Next, you need to select how much of your Ethereum (ETH) you would like to exchange for EOS. So do you see where it says Amount under Buy EOS (it’s in the bottom middle part of the page)? Just choose whether you want to exchange a quarter (25%), half (50%), three quarters(75%) or all (100%) of your Ethereum (ETH) to EOS.



You’re free to choose the price from those green numbers  they are basically different orders by others like you – this is called Limit purchase.


Finally, just double check that the amount of Ethereum you’re exchanging and the price you’re buying EOS for is correct then click the big green button Buy EOS.


That’s it! You can see the amount of EOS that you just bought by jumping into Funds and then Balances.

FAQ: What if I want the Market price? 

If you want the exact price that is shown on for EOS then you can do that. 

Just click on Market tab instead of the Limit and then select the  amount of Ethereum (ETH) that you want to exchange to EOS and then click on the big green Buy EOS button – this will buy at the market price.

FAQ: What’s the difference between Limit and Market buying?

Simply put, Limit order is you put a price that you are selling/buying for and that’s what it goes for. Market Order is immediate and sells/buys at the current market price instantly. However each comes with its own tradeoff: A limit order guarantees price but does not guarantee execution (meaning you will instantly get what you ask for). A market order guarantees execution at but since it follows the market it does not guarantee price.

Share this guide with anyone, your friends or family and help them make the best decision when they invest in EOS. 🙂