Are your wondering how to make money online? If so, you’ve come to the right place. It’s been 8 years since I’ve first set out, just like you, trying to find a way to make a living online to support myself. 


make money online



This guide contains what has worked and what has not worked not only just for me but also for my friends, family and others both on Reddit and also my readers on all my other websites. (thanks guys 🙂 )




How to Make Money Online: 27 Ways


1.  Start Your Own Blog or Online Business

This has worked for me the moment when I first started my first blog in 2010 when I was still 15 with no computer experience. 

It did take me forever to Google my way through, but I guess it was worth it since I make over $40,000 a month through this and my 5 other blogs and websites I manage.

I have written a how-to guide on how to start a blog (to make money or otherwise) and it contains everything what I’ve learned with no technical experience required. (I also answer frequently asked questions along the way too!) 🙂

This is the guide I wish I had when I started my blog back then. 


make money online



Once you’ve started your blog you can then make money via Ads (Advertising) or Affiliate sales (Affiliate Marketing) and tons more other ways.


You can start on any topic you’re passionate about: 




  Finance/Personal Finance (like Medici)


Anything you can imagine 🙂





2.  Take part in Surveys

All you have to do is answer online surveys of product tests and you can easily make around $250+ a month whilst just binging Netflix sitting at home.


Here are some great survey websites that has worked for me and others (Just remember that these sites are free to sign up. If any site asks you to pay, They’re probably a scam):


  Survey Junkie

  Inbox Dollars


  American Consumer Opinion

  Pinecone Research





3.  Become a Freelance Writer 

All of us are good at something, so why not put that something to good use?

Freelance work can greatly increase your income, and the best part? It’s flexible and you can improve your resume whilst you’re at it which leads to better high paying jobs in the future.


I have personally tried this and I did manage to make a sizable income with my writing skills and it was great. 


My personal favorite is Upwork which has thousands of employers who want to hire for all kinds of tasks where you can write/edit articles, resumes, books etc.

You can get paid for every single article you write and get a great reputation as well as the opportunity to turn this into a full-time job and maybe even your own online business.





4.  Become a Technical Freelancer

Freelancing isn’t all about just writing.


You can do design, graphics, marketing, web programming, and just about anything that comes first into your mind and you’ll definitely get paid either by a project basis or you can also opt to be paid by the hour.


Here are the top few sites:








5.  Become a Virtual Assistant

I have had one of my friends try out this and they came back having had a great experience with it as well as making tons of important connections which later on recommended her for a full time job. 


All you have to do is just sit wherever you are sitting right now, and just help out who you’re assisting from checking their emails, making travel plans, share articles to social media, increase their followers for their social media profiles, googling information, or whatever it may be.


You can command anywhere $50-100 an hour once you’ve really hit it with your client.


Some of the few top websites are:







5.  Start your own online shop

Why not sell your own stuff?


Now the amount of money you can make is totally up to how good your shop gets at converting those visitors on your website into paying customers.


It’s a serious business and you’re going to need to be all in or you’re not.


You need three things to get started: something to sell, a place to store that something, and a website to show how great is that something.


Since you’re just starting off, I recommend it’s best you start on Shopify. You’ll get your website done in Shopify (without any technical experience) and you’ll get unlimited storage to hold your products where your products will automatically be shipped out the moment someone buys it. The only work you’ll need to put in is finding a profitable product and promoting your shop. 


You can also use Amazon’s FBA a slightly different yet great option especially if you want to take the edge out of driving traffic to your store with the help of Amazon. 


Another great option that I have had a few of my friends on is Etsy, which just like Amazon’s FBA, provides a more focused traffic to your shop if you are selling something in the range of jewelry, accessories, clothing, shoes, arts and crafts, etc. Etsy is great in that there is less competition for finding customers for your shop (especially in those niches) compared to when you’re on Amazon.


Find your special something to sell, research around it, try it before you sell, then just do it.





6.  Sell as an Affiliate

If you can’t find a product of your own, then why not help bring sales for other great products?


This is the job of an affiliate. You can find any product you find great and once you’ve personally tried it out you can then recommend it to your readers of your blog/website, subscribers of your YouTube channel or whoever it may be to buy it.


In return you’ll be paid a percentage of the sale. The more sales you make, the more money you get and the best part? You don’t have to deal with any of the storage, marketing, and product issues. 


I recommend that you start a blog or some form of channel to gather viewership where you can review the affiliate product.


Here are the top few affiliate product (high paying) sites where you can find your product:


  Commission Junction



  Impact Radius





7.  Tutoring

Give private tuition classes just by sitting at home and with your knowledge. You can choose your own schedule, and you can choose what you are passionate about on teaching.


Here are the top few tutoring  sites where you can get started right away: 

  Chegg Tutors

  SmartThinking (Pearson)





8.  Flipping Websites

If you have the skills to grow a blog/website’s traffic and income then you can buy a blog or a website which hasn’t reached its full potential, grow it, and then sell it for a higher price.


You can easily make a income just by doing this and it can range from $100 to even $100,000.


A great, trusted (and safe) place where you can look for blogs and websites to buy is Flippa.





9.  Sell Your Photos

Good in Photography? Then why not sell some of your photos.


You might need some design software skills like Photoshop to do some touch ups for your photos but other than that  selling photos is a great way to make money.


The most popular places that I have heard most photographers recommend and also I have personally seen my friends do it was on Shutterstock or iStockPhoto. 🙂





10.  Gigs on Fiverr

I have tried this before and I have found great success. 


Fiverr is a place online where you can do tasks like social media posting, designing logos, helping out arrange someone’s to-do list, or whatever or as low as $5 (which can go higher than that).


There are plenty of people who make six figures on Fiverr and you’ve just got to make sure you give serious value.





11.  Jobs on Craigslist 

Craigslist. Ahh… The arch old nemesis.


If can you look past the fact that it can be shady at times, especially with how openly accessibly it is to anyone that can post on it, Craigslist is a good place to find high-paying jobs.


You can easily sell your used stuff, rent out your room or apartment, or even offer your services.





12.  Coaching or Starting Your Own Online Consultation

Now, now, you may not hit it out straight away to be the next Tony Robbins, but one thing is for sure is that you can share some of your valuable lessons in whatever field you might have been good at.


Fashion, Sports, Fitness, Travel, Business, Finance, honestly anyone who’s starting in any field needs a coach to guide them through. 


To get started, you’ll need expertise or deep knowledge in some topic or field that you’re really good at or passionate for and a website. 





13.  Email Marketing

For any website or a blog you start, building an email list is your cash cow. As they always say the money is in the list.


Getting your customers to subscribe to your email list of your business, website, or whatever venture you’ve started ensures that you can always keep in touch with them, send them little reminders whenever you publish a new article or if you’ve made any updates and also it helps build an extremely valuable trust between you and your clients.


Once you’ve built the relationship you can then understand your customers and cater to them to sell your recommended products, or encourage them try out services which fit their best needs. 🙂


Often, it’s said that you can expect to make about $1 per subscriber per month. Now what if you have 10,000 subscribers? Look to around roughly $10,000 per month.


A great email marketing product that brings the best buck and that I personally use with Medici and all my other ventures is ConvertKit.





14.  Review websites and apps for cash

You can review websites and apps and make a few bucks from that. is a platform that pays everyday people to review all kinds of websites and apps.  Each review takes  roughly around 20 minutes or so and the best part? You can make $10 via PayPal. 


You can sign up here to get started with





15.  Review music for money

I tried this when I was around 16 years old, and yes it has worked making around $10. (though I never sticked to it!)


The art of reviewing music is that it takes time to build your reputation. The longer you’re at it, the higher the pay you get. 


The place I tried out was Slicethepie, and if you love music then make it your mission to critique unsigned bands and artists and help them grow.


You can expect to earn around $30 to $40 a month.





16.  Sell your notes

Do you remember those notes that you took in class whilst you were back in school, college, uni?

Well, great news! You can actually sell them. It’s a great way to help out other students and at the same time generate a little extra cash.


You can upload your notes, along with your price, and then when another student downloads them you get paid.


A few of these great sites are Stuvia and Notesale both of which are free for you to list your notes. 


You will most likely have to upload PDFs which is worth it for the returns you get. Also you’re likely to make more money if you submit notes which you typed out instead of the handwritten ones. 🙂





17.  Create your own Udemy course

What better way to make use of all the money you spent from your student loans than to make money from it?


It’s super simple! You can create a Udemy course on any subject you’re passionate about from programming to history to even fitness, absolutely anything.


Once you’ve created a kick ass high quality course you can then get paid forever, as users take it up.





18.  Buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

This is one that I am currently doing right now. 


To play the cryptocurrency game all you need to do is just buy cryptocurrency.

To make money from cryptocurrency you need to learn about it, understand it, and then buy the right cryptocurrency.


Key advice: Look for the potential, the idea behind it and learn more about the team and their vision behind each of the cryptocurrencies. 




19.  Play online games and make money

Are you an arcade or poker champion? Then test your skills by playing you favourite puzzle and card games over at InboxDollars.


It’s fun and you get paid to play.





20.  Take part in an online focus group

You can participate in online focus groups and get paid.


A great website that you can get started right now is ProOpinion.


You will get paid through a check, gift card or a PayPal deposit. 





21.  Examine search pages

Jump into LeapForce and help evaluate search engines by conducting researched on certain search terms that they want you to search for.


Just search the search terms that they want you to search for, analyse them, and provide feedback.





22.  Maintain Fan or Social Media Pages

If you’re checking or chatting on Twitter or Facebook then why not spare a few minutes to help out manage fan pages and get paid?


You can get started by going to Fiverr and applying for jobs for maintaining social pages. 





23.  Fix Google’s Mistakes and Get Paid

Google was not always right. It has taken years and hundreds of thousands of people to fix the mistakes of the search engine and make it better and more accurate than before.


You can be one of them! Now you are not just limited to helping out Google only, you can work with Yahoo, Bing and other search engines too and help them improve their search engines.


You can expect to make around $12 per hour just by sitting at home and teaching the search engines.


Here are few great websites that works consistently well:



•  Appen





24.  Become an Online Juror

Have you ever wanted sit in a courtroom and be one of those people who sits in the jury stand and decide whether someone is innocent or guilty?


Well then turn off your Law and Order on your Netflix because you can now actually do it online right away.


eJury is a great place to get started and the way it works is it provides an attorney the opportunity to pre-try the case before it goes to trial in front of an actual jury at a real courthouse.


You as an eJuror will have to review facts and answer questions, then once you’re done you’ll have to Submit Verdict.


For each verdict you give, you will be paid $5-$10 depending on the length of the case. You won’t get filthy rich from this as an eJuror but hey! At least it pays some your internet bills and a hotdog.





25.  Enter Data and Get Paid

If you are quick and accurate at typing on a computer to enter information then you’ll make a great data entry person.


You can go through Upwork or Freelancer to find data entry and administrative jobs. (Tip: Use keywords like “Data entry” or “admin” to find the jobs faster)





26.  Change your search engine

Do you use Google or Yahoo as your day-to-day search engine? 


Then you need to take a break.


Why not try the Bing search engine and get paid to make regular searches on it? All you have to do is just make Bing your default search engine,  and then just do tasks to get credits which you can redeem for gift cards. 

You can earn about $5-$10 per month just by making your Bing search engine and doing the tasks. (Tip: Just stay signed in, especially when you perform a search. It increase your chances of making money) 


Another great option is Nielsen Digital Voice. Nielsen is a huge company that publishes TV ratings.


With Digital Voice you can surf the web and earn money whilst you’re at it





27.  Get Paid for Being Healthy

AchieveMint is a health app that gives you points for being healthy and dough things like walking, tracking your food or taking health surveys.


These points that you get can be redeemed for Amazon Gify Cards. 


You can connect your AchiveMint to your fitness apps like your FitBit, Apple HealthKit etc. to carry forward the stats and get a head start.


You can earn about $10 per month and there is no limit on how much you can earn. 





28.  Download and Install Apps

Tons of companies pay you for installing their apps. Then there are others who pay you each month the apps that you’ve installed remains on your phone. 


Here are some of the sites:

  ShopTracker – Answer a few questions then launch the app on your device and voila! You’ll earn $3.00 instantly.  Make sure to keep the app on your phone to earn money each month.

  Nielsen Mobile Panel – This mobile app by Nielsen rewards you for using your mobile device. You can earn up to $50 a year.

  MobileXpression – Go ahead and install this app and you’ll be eligible to win prizes week. You can also play an instant rewards game by participating in market research. 



Share this guide with your family and friends and help them discover ways to make at least an extra $100 a month with these methods. 🙂