So I am still here surviving after an amazing month of adventure both you and I had with Medici.


And I believe this is my first ever income report showing the inner workings of Medici that I am sharing with you. 🙂


income report for January 2018



I started my blog, Medici, on the 1st of January (this month) and I started it because I wanted my own side hustle where I can do what I am passionate about most which is helping you make the best financial decisions as well as to grow your startup (or your side hustle) and make it a profitable venture.


Medici was started using my very own pocket money that I saved up each day saving up on my lunches and saving a little of what I earn as gifts from family members every festive period. It’s my chance to start something from scratch and build from the little I save up each and every day that I believe that one day will provide value and be a help to others. 🙂




Why Do I Do Income Reports?


Now if we’re going to be friends, I have a little embarrassing secret I want to share with you. 😏


I was teensy-bit nervous (and I still am as I write this) to open myself on what I do and how I am doing with Medici publicly because I fear what people might think. But then I thought to myself, if I was you sitting there right now and reading this, won’t it be such a tremendous help to able to understand and get to know how a business grows and how much effort that consistently needs to be put in in order to make it a success?


Ultimately, the reasons why I do income reports are because they are: 


  Not a success story but a story on how I made mistakes. Income reports are useful to look back on and learn from the mistakes I have made. Learning from mistakes, understanding which areas needs improvement and reiterating on your business strategy is how you move forward.


  To help motivate you and myself included when we go through this journey together. There are days when I feel so frustrated or depressed and I critique myself that this all might be just a waste of my precious time, energy and money that I worked hard to save up. Income reports help to show you that you’ve came this far along the journey, and this is what you were meant to do because this is your passion.


  To show that at times you’ll lose more money than you make but you still have to keep at it. You can make money but know that, at times, what you make today may not positively reflect upon what you earn tomorrow. If you made less today than what you made yesterday then understand that it’s only momentary and it’ll get better soon.


Let’s do this. 




January Income Breakdown




  • TOTAL:  $95

income report for January 2018




January Expenses



  • TOTAL:  $145

income report for January 2018



TOTAL:  -$50

income report for January 2018







income report for January 2018


My traffic rose from 0 to 20 page views a day (most days) for the first month of my newborn blog and it definitely looks promising. 

My post on How To Start a Blog (to Make Money or Otherwise) in 2018 was the most popular one. 




Business Revenue


I lost more money than I made.


This was because when I started my blog, I decided to pay one whole year’s of web hosting with my webhost, Bluehost. You save a great amount of money of money by doing this.


Coincidentally, my post on How To Start a Blog (to Make Money or Otherwise) in 2018 took off this month, I made a few bucks recommending my webhost, Bluehost. 


I also made a few bucks recommending Coinbase, the cryptocurrency app that I use to buy my Bitcoin and Ethereum and other cryptocurrency.




What I Did To Grow My Blog


income report for January 2018At the top of my to-do list it was, of course, to start my blog which I did.


Second, I made the switch to from HTTP to HTTPS for my blog. Basically when you first start a blog or website you will find that the URL of your website will have http: instead of https:

The difference between the two is https: is safer and trusted as it is used by almost every big website there is whether it is or I’ll be writing up more on this soon! (so stay tuned!)


Thirdly, I needed to write content for Medici. I wrote 8 pieces of content for Medici in January. I believe it doesn’t matter if you produce  8, 20 or 100 articles in a month. What matters most is that you create extremely high quality content which helps solve a problem others are having. 🙂


What I couldn’t manage to do much, which was fourth down the list, was promote the content. I didn’t promote content much which explains why my traffic was getting around 20-30 pageviews per day since I didn’t get my content to reach more people.





February Goals


income report for January 2018In February I’ll work harder to write even more high quality content. I also plan to keep the content that I have already produced updated every week so that they remain valuable and helpful for you. 🙂


The most important goal for me is to promote my content. In marketing there is a golden strategy called the 80:20 rule. If you spend 20% of your time writing and producing content, then you need to spend at least 80% of your time to promote it. 


Lastly, and a special gift for you, is that I am creating a highly exclusive Newsletter for Medicians like you. (for now it remains classified) 😎





Ask Medici V1


This is a new series that I’ll be starting, kinda like the AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions they have on Reddit. I’ll be answering some of your hottest, trending questions that you asked on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus or in the comments section of a bunch of articles in a row.


Why? Well, because often when I answer in the comments someone else would end up not seeing it 😂.


“What are the tools and resources you’re do you recommend?”


Since I just started my blog like four weeks ago some of the most important tools and resources that came in handy were:


  Bear – is is my favorite note-taking app like of all time. Since the moment Bear was released onto the App Store for both iOS users and macOS users (sadly it’s only available for Apple users) it has made my note taking and creating to-do lists so much simpler, and ever so beautiful. I might sound that I am praising it a little too much, but I am being honest with you,  I can’t imagine how my content creation would be if I didn’t have Bear by my side. Try it, it’s free! 🙂


  Bluehost – This is my favorite  web hosting. I started this blog, Medici, with Bluehost and since then it has proved that it’s very powerful, super cheap, and it has some of the friendliest people working for their customer service when compared to the web hosting options. Medici wouldn’t have got its breath of life if it wasn’t for Bluehost. 


  Canva – This is my favorite software to create all my Pin-worthy images, infographics, graphs and charts. Canva is super simple to use and all it takes is just basically drag and drop. Try it! Canva is free. 


Those are my three golden tools and resources that I used to start my blog and that I will indefinitely will use to grow my blog in the coming years.




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