It only has been a couple of days since I had started a blog (yeahp I am talking about Medici) and one of the very first things that I did was to create my very own email address for Medici.


Now I had this teensy-weensy little problem. You see I wanted my domain name in the email address, like for example,

I had the option to create the email address through my web host, but the problem was the interface for the email was thrash. It was difficult to organise my emails, some things would just get lost, and my word, I felt like I might as well send the mails myself via postage. 


use gmail custom domain



So I went back to Gmail, even though that meant I would lose the “professional” part of my email address.  For a few days I relied on it, as I ever so do, until one fine day I received an email from Google themselves that they were offering a new feature that would mean that I can keep my personal email address ANNND have my own custom domain name. 


My initial thoughts were:

“It sounds great and all, but I would then need to have technical experience wouldn’t I?”  

“Yeah I am pretty sure, Charle, you’re going to need to save a few days to learn this and you cant spare a few days! Not when you have a full time job and a side hustle to manage.”


But I was wrong. It was neither of those things and, in fact, I was able to create two professional, custom domain email addresses ( + without any technical experience in just a matter of minutes.


This how-to guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to create your own custom email address for your business, blog, website in an easy and simple format.




Why Use Gmail With Your Own Custom Domain?

There are many reasons to consider why you might want to use Gmail with your custom domain. Here are a few popular ones:


  You will appear more professional and trustworthy with a custom domain email address. Just have a look between two examples and ask yourself which one you feel most comfortable with receiving an email from: or Of course the latter appears less like you’re receiving a spam email from someone and you appear professional with your own business domain. 

  9 Times Out of 10 the email software included with your web host sucks. Have a look at the email software that’s included with your web host and you’ll find that it’s hard to navigate, difficult to organise, and appears it have been built in the 90s. It literally makes you want to hate yourself.

  It’s Gmail by Google. You can call me biased but I have tried several other email providers before I jumped on the Gmail bandwagon. I really like how clean, minimalist, and simple Gmail is and how you know what to do instinctively because how straightforward it is. I also love the seamlessness with Google Drive too which really helps when you’re working. 🙂

  You can be logged into multiple accounts at once. Multitasking is something you’ll always need to do when you’re managing a business, and GMail understands that. Before my new email addresses, I could only be logged into one Gmail account at a time. So say if I logged into my business admin email address, I couldn’t jump into my business client email address without logging out of my admin email address. It was a headache, and a big waste of time! Now I can be logged into both at the same time.





How to Create a Custom Domain Email Address with Gmail:  7 Steps 



Step 1:  Go ahead and buy a custom domain name of your choice. I purchase mine from

FAQ: Why is GoDaddy better than most?

Almost every startup founder or blogger I know first got their own domain name for their business website through GoDaddy. 

GoDaddy provides domains which are extremely cheap and they have the largest pool of domain names which means if you’re thinking of a domain name that you really want then chances are GoDaddy will already have it vacant for you.

Also GoDaddy has a really simple interface to use. It’s so easy to buy a domain on GoDaddy and manage it.


Step 2:  Now visit the Google Suite site.


use gmail custom domain



FAQ: What is Google Suite?

Google Suite (or Google Apps more commonly known) provides all the tools you’ll ever need for your business:

  Your own custom business domain email address:

  Unlimited storage to store all that you ever need forever.

  24/7 Live Support (which you can choose either to call or email Google’s support)

  Simple easy-to-use data migration to move all the important data of your business right into your unlimited storage with just a couple of taps.


use gmail custom domain


Step 3:  Tap on Get Started and then enter your basic information in the steps that follow to create your account.


use gmail custom domain



FAQ: Help Charle, I don’t understand something!

It’s alright! If you are unsure about something or if you feel you need a little more information or help to get your along the process then you can contact Google’s support directly or you can comment down below this page. 🙂


Step 4:  Along the steps you’ll have the option to enter your domain name or you can choose to search a new domain name if you don’t already have one. I don’t recommend creating a new domain with Google because Google charges $12 per year for .com domain names which is pointless. So add your new GoDaddy domain name that you chose earlier here.




Step 5:  You’ll have the option to set up your account the Basic  or Business way. I recommend Basic because you still get your own custom business email address and 30GB worth of storage which you can always upgrade to Business at any point of time when you’ve exceeded your storage. Either way you still get to start out for free with a 14-day trial. 🙂


FAQ: What’s the difference between Basic and Business?

Basic is $5 per person on your team, per month or $50 for the whole year. This will give you your very own custom business domain email address:, 30GB of storage per user, 24/7 online and phone support along with tons of other sharing and management tools.

Business is $10 per person on your team, per month or $120 for the whole year. This will give you your very own custom business domain email address:, unlimited storage per user, 24/7 online and phone support along with tons of other sharing and management tools.


Step 6:  You’re almost done! Now all you need to is verify your domain name. The absolute easiest way is to insert an HTML tag into your site’s home page — it’s easier than it sounds, I promise. 🙂 All you have to do is just jump into your WordPress dashboard and install a plugin called Header, Footer and Post Injections (I have added the link here for you). Then just copy the code Google provides into that plugin. 


use gmail custom domain




Step 7:  Tap on Verify.


use gmail custom domain




Step 8:  Finally, once you’re done, login to your new Google Suite account and click on Users. There, you will see the option to add new users (i.e. custom email addresses).


use gmail custom domain
Your G Suite dashboard. 




That’s it! You’re done. 🙂



Share this guide with anyone who’s still stuck with their annoying web host’s email services and help them and their business grow. They will really appreciate it. 🙂